Feb 18 2015

Customizing the Single Install constraints


Sometimes our default constraints for a Single Installation isn’t enough. With our latest release it is possible to now configure the service placements with custom constraints.

Below is a fully working config example that you can modify...

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Oct 7 2014

Perl bindings for LeanKit.com

I recently released a Perl API client for LeanKit which covers the majority of exposed endpoints from the service.

This library can be installed from CPAN and supports Perl versions 5.14+:

$ cpanm Net::LeanKit

An example use of the library:


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Sep 30 2014

sosreport (SoS) version 3.2 released

The sos team is pleased to announce the release of sos-3.2. This release includes a large number of enhancements and fixes, including:

  • Profiles for plugin selection
  • Improved log size limiting
  • File archiving enhancements and robustness improvements

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Aug 11 2014

Containerize juju's local provider

Current approach

Juju’s existing providers(except manual) do not allow you to containerize the bootstrap node. However, in the manual provider this is possible using something like this in your environments.yaml file and setting the boostrap-host

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